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Why "NOPE"?

In 2009, our company started as "Natural Organic Process Enterprises" or "NOPE" for short. As our operation grew and our passion for compost increased, we felt it necessary to shorten the name and include "Compost" to express quickly what we do. To keep the connection to our original name, we now encourage everyone in Virginia to, "Say 'NOPE' to food waste." 

What materials do you accept in collection carts?

We collect all food scraps including meat, bones, and dairy products. We also accept compostable serveware products that are certified compostable. 

Collect food scraps? Won't they stink and attract pests?

Understandably, we get this question a lot! 

While it may sound messy & smelly, proper compost collection is surprisingly easy and mess-free. To ensure the highest possible sanitation levels, NOPE Compost Co. uses lidded collection carts lined with compostable bags. Keeping food scraps inside a sealed compostable bag inside a closed container does not allow for pests or insects to access material, thus reducing any unwanted guests.

We also work with our partners to establish a collection schedule that limits the time that food scraps are sitting before collection.  

Do you sell finished compost? 

No, we currently do not produce or sell finished compost. Through our Compost Credit Program, our partners receive finished compost from a Virginia compost producer to enrich their soil.

Do you provide residential compost collection services?

No, but we highly suggest any of the following Virginia residential compost providers:

Richmond area - Enrich Compost & Compost RVA

Williamsburg - Fill Happy 

VA Beach area - Tidewater Compost & Drishti Compost 

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