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NOPE Compost Co.

Virginia food scrap collection & composting services since 2009​

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Food Waste is a Problem

Composting, nature's form of recycling, reduces waste sent to landfills and creates healthy soils. 

Your organization can be part of this sustainable solution!

Help us say "NOPE" to food waste!

How It Works:



Make a big impact through small actions by simply adding food scraps to our NOPE Compost collection containers. 

Our team will assist in every step of the process to ensure success!
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Where we come in: 

On your scheduled days, our team comes by to collect all material in one of our NOPE Compost trucks. 


We then take the material to a local farm or composting facility to be made into compost to enrich VA soils. 



Giving Back & Reporting:


Each month, we send a report stating the total weight and impact of your composting efforts!

For each ton of food scraps your organization keeps out of landfills, we will give back one 40-lb. bag of finished compost.

Compost bag

NOPE Compost Co. is proud to partner with many great organizations around Virginia including:

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Contact Us

Ready to help your organization reach its sustainability goals through compost collection?

Contact us today!

We can't wait to partner with you to make an environmental impact in Virginia!

Our Service Area

10307 W Broad St. #301   Glen Allen, VA. 23060


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