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Why You Should Recycle Food Scraps

Compost is a natural soil amendment that is earth friendly and assist in growing organic crops.

Food scrap recycling and composting services

Natural Organic Process Enterprises (NOPE) works with companies and institutions throughout central and eastern Virginia to develop food scrap and organics recycling programs. NOPE facilitates the collection and transportation of organic materials to a proper Virginia DEQ permitted composting facility.


We know our actions impact our environment…today and well into the future.  We consider our earth, environment and ecosystem a great gift and privilege.  We also consider it our responsibility to take care of her such

that our kids, grandkids and great-grandkids can flourish just like us.  We believe our calling is to make a positive impact on our environment.


We choose to be a part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem. Our company was created with the purpose of pioneering, in our community awareness and availability of services concerning composting/organic recycling. We seek to partner with like minded companies and institutions that are committed to integrate sustainability into their practices.



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Food recycling and composting solutions

Compost Credit


We return compost for use throughout our community through our Compost Credit Program


Food / organic recycling & compost collection virginia

We help companies find a solution for managing organic food waste throughout the
Virginia Area.

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