Food Recycling & Composting

Our goal is to partner with customers that support organics recycling (composting) and who appreciate the environmental impact of sustainable action. We provide effective material handling methods which insure best managed practices through more comprehensive recycling. We target the diversion of organic weight from your existing waste stream and seek to find a balance to offset any additional cost to your waste budget. Currently, social environmental awareness is growing within our communities as people want to become more proactive with regard to environmental conservation. Our company was formed to provide a solution for managing organic waste/ food scraps and assist with organic recycling. We provide the logistical know how to collect and convert organics into compost that improves and protects our soils and the environment.

Food and Organic materials can be 100% recycled if collected properly. Land filled (anaerobic) treatment of organic waste creates methane gas which is a harmful greenhouse substance contributing to global warming. Methane is about 21 times more powerful at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide according to the U.S. EPA. Food scraps are a necessary nutrient source for creating high quality compost. Compost is a natural soil amendment that is earth friendly and plays a vital role in growing thriving and healthy organic crops.

Our Partners

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